Interdisziplinäre Tragwerksplanung und Ingenieurholzbau
Morphology of …

Morphology of Sound

Morphology of Sound is a research project in collaboration with die Angewandte Digital Arts Department and IoA. In a interdisciplinary environment students will be collaborating with Digital Arts Students who are developing sound installations as well as the IoA stuents who will be working on projections. There will be montly meetings with all project partners to exchange the status quo of the project.

As an expected result the project aims to explore an interdisciplinary path for art generation merging the media of geometry and sound by integrating scientific methods from the fields of artificial intelligence, audio data analysis. Throughout the project designs driven by sound as well as sound driven the design will be approached as medium of experimentation. Through multiple processes of bilinear transformations between geometry and sound a dictionary of compositions and objects will emerge.