Interdisziplinäre Tragwerksplanung und Ingenieurholzbau
Load Bearing S…

Load Bearing System 2

Specification and detailing of the architectural design developed in Building Construction 2 and simultaneous development of a structural design.

Public space is a basic prerequisite for the diversity and vitality of the city. Its use is multifunctional and always linked to social and cultural developments. The loss of space and quality of public space through misappropriation and commercialization must be counteracted. By providing an architectural framework for the appropriation of urban space, the immaterial and cultural value of urban neighborhoods should be enhanced and ultimately the 'right to the city' supported.

The Vienna Valley, which runs from the western city boundary to the Danube Canal, forms with the Vienna River one of Vienna's most important open space reserves. However, the accessibility and usability of the Vienna River and its riverbanks are severely limited. There is hardly any interconnection of the river with the dense urban neighborhoods along the Vienna Valley, and walking on the riverbed is largely prohibited.

The part of the Vienna River running in the urban area should therefore be treated as a cultural and social artery. Along the approximately 13 km long course of the river, architectural stents are to be placed at several neuralgic locations, which will enhance the respective district through social and cultural spatial interventions. Including the currently concreted riverbed, a networked 3-dimensional spatial continuum with multifunctional and changeable spaces for different functions is to be designed. In principle, event spaces for 300-500 people should be planned at each location, as well as sufficient areas for temporary appropriation. With a suitable ecological concept, an improvement of the microclimate should be aimed at and a high quality of use should be achieved. A sufficient supply of green and outdoor spaces, should provide additional appropriation spaces in connection with the Vienna River and the city.