Interdisziplinäre Tragwerksplanung und Ingenieurholzbau
Wood-steel hyb…

Wood-steel hybrid components

System development of wood-steel hybrid elements for economically and ecologically sustainable mixed wood construction for dense building in urban areas.

The possibility of fast prefabricated construction with large spans, low construction heights and flexible room division through the use of wood-steel hybrid elements offers economic solutions for dense construction in urban areas. The focus is not only on new buildings, but also on renovation and extension projects (e.g. roof extensions), which are of particular interest in Austria (Vienna).
The development in the direction of sustainable building, restriction of the use of fossil raw materials and reduction of CO2 emissions should be the reason for being able to provide a basic concept with all the necessary tools for building contractors in the area of multi-storey mixed timber construction, also in urban areas. The motto should be "light, fast, clean and secure".

The following work steps were therefore formulated as objectives:

1. development and optimization of wood-steel hybrid beams according to static and manufacturing aspects.
2. investigation and modeling of the load-bearing behavior of
wood-steel hybrid beams under short- and long-term loading. 3.
3. in a third step, a flexurally stiff connection of these hybrid elements is developed, tested and modeled.

The aim is to exploit the advantages of steel-steel connections for force transmission.

Through the cooperation of the students, practical diploma theses are to be written. The experimental objects will also be observed by students after the end of the research project as part of Sparkling Sciences.


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